Austin Texas 2015

Cari Q - a unique perspective

Cari Quoyeser is a singer/songwriter/performer originally from Houston, Texas. She started her music career as lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist for Suburban Warfare early in 2009, and also began working on a solo project in September of 2009 with Dan Workman (producer/sound engineer/president) at Sugar Hill Recording Studio. Before attending college, Cari competed in the 11th season of American Idol which aired in January 2012. After coming home, Cari transferred to the University of Texas to complete her History degree and currently resides in Austin.


In 2014, Cari released her first single in nearly 5 years. "Solid Ground" was recorded and produced by Austin great, Nick Jay, from Century Recordings.


Cari's music is an interesting fusion of folk, jazz and 1960's psychedelic. She finds her inspiration for her music from here frequent travels. Follow Cari's adventures and music on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links below.


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